Monday, June 2, 2014

Bitcoin is a Pure Commodity and will continue to Rise, according to Venture Capital Partner Keith Gilabert

Keith Gilabert of Fina V Capital says, “Bitcoin has several advantages over other commodity trades, primarily that Bitcoin cannot be shorted and the speculation behind the digital currency is funded by real buyers.”

Fina V Capital has been bullish on Bitcoin (BTC) since November of 2013, with a target price for the digital currency soaring to $5,000.00 per coin.  The President of Fina V Capital Keith Gilabert stated, “Our target price is based on the demand we see from hedge funds and the decentralizing of third world currencies.” 

Gilabert states, “Bitcoin cannot be shorted like traditional currencies you can trade today.  I can open an account with Forex and short any currency but I can’t do that with Bitcoin.  So when you examine the possibility of where this currency can go in price it is much higher than other types of trading instruments due to the digital currency does not have overhead resistance.”

Winklevoss Capital  $11 million investment in Bitcoin is now worth over $60 million.  They are now in the process of getting regulatory approval for Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust exchange traded fund (ETF), which is currently awaiting approval and will trade on the Nasdaq.

Another high profile investor is Michael Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group, who stated, “the smartest guys in the room” many are beginning to turn their attention towards bitcoin.

“Bitcoin continues to develop and currently it is still a volatile trading instrument with risk, but I do expect the volatility to decline as governments around the world impose restrictions,” according to Gilabert.

Fina VC reports the current environment for Bitcoin is positive.  The digital currency survived the implosion of Mt. Gox the third largest Bitcoin exchange which collapsed because of a $450 million theft.  This has not deterred Venture Capital investors from pouring over $100 million in start-ups this year alone.  “These start-ups have learned from the mistakes of Mt. Gox and are providing a safer trading environment,” according to Gilabert 

Last week Dish Network with 14 million customers joined Overstock .com and Virgin America in accepting Bitcoin.  Gil Luria an analyst with Wedbush Securities said, “This is a mainstream company with mainstream leadership that’s decided to embrace Bitcoin and what Bitcoin technology offers.”

Gilabert states, “because Bitcoin is a pure commodity based on supply and demand, we expect for every $100 million invested in Bitcoin reserves the price will increase by about 20%.  Until you have the ability to short the currency the upside is substantial.”

Trading Risk
All trades include substantial risk of loss.  You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.  In considering whether a trade is suitable you should consult with your financial advisor or broker.  Fina V Capital does not offer trading advice on securities and should note that trading instruments mentioned are published based on what we find of financial interest to the public. THEREFORE, NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ASSUMED WITH RESPECT TO ANY SUCH STATEMENT, NOR WITH RESPECT TO ANY EXPRESSION OF OPINION HEREIN CONTAINED

About Fina V Capital
Fina V Capital serves entrepreneurs by providing less dilutive, more flexible forms of capital. We provide senior and subordinated term loans in the $1 million to $20 million range to emerging businesses backed by venture capital and private equity firms.  Target clients range from emerging growth companies led by dedicated entrepreneurs to late-state, established companies seeking cash-flow for expansion.  We give our clients access to our contacts of Fortune 500 companies which will add diversity to their product lines and help fuel growth.  There are less than a dozen consulting firms worldwide that can offer this level of service.

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