Sunday, August 4, 2013

Keith Gilabert, "Annual Appeal for a Great Cause"

Keith Gilabert, "Employing the right people"

By Keith Gilabert

As a public policy director I examine the hiring practices of private and as well as government employment procedures.  The number #1 issue for employers is hiring trustworthy individuals that will not compromise the company's brand.

Employment screening and evaluating potential and current employees can save a company thousands of dollars.  The most effective approach involves developing an assessment system that helps evaluate candidates by measuring their potential success on the job against industry benchmarked performance.  The profile options I consider are experience in sales, customer service, and ability to problem solve.  By using these simple parameters you can have an in-depth analysis of candidates, so you can make more educated hiring decisions and create the strongest, highest performing team for your company.   

Of course, you do not want to hire an axe-murderer so please check sites below.


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